DOS History

The DOS Optimization Seminars began in Fall 2007 as the Discrete Optimization Seminars (DOS). These seminars were meant to extend the scope of the Integer Programming Seminars organized by Marcos Goycoolea and Ricardo Fukasawa in previous semesters.

The scope of the Discrete Optimization Seminars was defined as “discrete optimization in its broadest sense” (i.e. integer and combinatorial optimization and related areas such as network flows, stochastic, continuous and global optimization). The extension of the seminars to these related areas lead to the elimination of the “Discrete” qualifier from the seminars title in Spring 2008. The acronym “DOS” was kept simply to keep the web pages theme. The current explanation for DOS is simply a recursive acronym for “DOS Optimization Seminars” in the spirit of the GNU acronym. This is the old logo of the seminars:

discrete optimizatino seminar logo